What a fun week… It seems everybody is thinking I’m moving off the planet and therefore requires my services… OK, that’s maybe a bit harsh but the fact is everybody is more than willing to have dinner with me. Tuesday was a great day with the girls of the Willem van Noortstraat in Utrecht, although they made me watch Net 5’s girls night as a thanks for the dinner (which they said they had enjoyed…).

Wednesday I went to Amsterdam and I returned somewhere in the afternoon today (Thursday). What a great evening-night-morning it was!

Tomorrow I’ll bring a visit to my old house: pick up the mail, have some dinner take a bike with me on the way home. The weekend should be for packing and then it’s on!

Damn I look forward to this, as always I’ll keep y’all up to date right here.


ps. Would have loved to add some photo’s but none were taken, sorry