Strange times indeed,

I’ve closed the Delft chapter but I’m still living there and involved with student-life. On the other hand I just got back from a weekend of sailing (and working on the boat). The coming month is filled with arranging stuff for the UK, some working to make some pocket money (sell boats) and I don’t know what yet. I am not sure how to cope with all that (but am sure I’ll manage). The biggest problem I have now is that I promised my parents to call them and I only just realise it (and it’s way past their bedtime…). I made a note to make sure I would do that first thing in the morning.

Another mention of something nice about a weekend of beercan-races: I got a present from the team after the races… The good faith I have in people was not rewarded, I got pushed in the drink and got a wet suit, thank god the water is already nice and warm and oakley makes these glases that stay on your head in the toughest conditions.

Keep y’all updated.