From the UK-trip.

Cowes week was great; great fun, learned heaps again and raced well. We even did a first, though afterwards we learned we were over by a couple of metres. 6th overall isn’t bad and our Dutch competitors Holmatro and Roark did a great job finishing 1st and 2nd.

After Cowes we were looking at the Fastnet forecasts and after the 25 hour postponement the skipper in agreement with us (the crew) decided not to start the Fastnet. A shame really, but certainly the wise decision with the forecast at hand. A combination of depressions and confused seas were the ingredients for this edition. As a crew we were looking for a race, not a survival tour. Going out with the option of seeking shelter in your mind wasn’t the way we wanted to race and thus the boat got turned around to face the other end of the Solent.

After helping with fitting the cruising forestay I grabbed a bit of gear out of the team-van and headed for London to stay with an angel (I later found out there were two!). From London I arranged for a meeting with the admissions tutor of Southampton University’s Ship Science course. After a great talk and going through my grades the prospect is looking great for a change to the Naval Architecture course at Southampton Uni.

Well, I’ll be diving back into the paperwork and finishing my application.