So it has been a while…

After the NSR it was time to shift the focus fully back to the textbooks in preparation of the exams. After a couple of tough weeks I made my last exam of this period on 2 July.

You are thinking time off, wild times and what’s not? Nope, our boat captain was ill and with the boat in desperate need of getting finished for both the holiday of the skipper and our England trip after that I took some of the work on my shoulders. So the past week I have been busy:
– Making an inventory of the storage
– Get our new van ready and loaded up
– Check on the progress on the keel and rudder
– Check on the work of the guys from the yard
– Check for stuff on board
– Get the boat ready once in the water
– Step a mast with the wind blowing a force 5…

Today the work needs to be finalised, the electronics need recalibration and a check and after that the boat should be ready for the delivery to England. I’ll be on her for the delivery, which should start on Wednesday as early as possible. If the wind plays nice, we should be in a car heading for home on Saturday.

After that I have some real time off, I won’t be joining the action at the Kaag this year but will finish some jobs for the boat in preparation of the British races. I also got the oppurtunity to do some work for the big blue.

Well B&G first up. let’s hope it does what it has to do.