So after a week of mostly sailing it was back to the university on Monday. First I finished the work on an assignment for this week and did some more studying. Tuesday was a great day however. With the work for an invite to sail on a brand new Swan 45…

So Tuesday afternoon I helped Stijn Becker prep the boat and welcome the corporate guests of the sponsor: Bolidt Blog Image

Blog Image

As you’ve probably noticed these photos are by Paul Wyeth, these have been shot during the Red Funnel Easter Regatta in Cowes 2007.

Weather was great for a sail with a bunch of newbies to the sport and Stijn did a great job getting everyone involved. The plan was for him to rule over the back of the boat, whilst I took charge of everything happening from the pit to the front. All the guests were subjected to the training regime Stijn has gotten used to. Tack after tack was practised with helm, trimmer, tailor and floaters switching every so often.

At the end of the day, both sponsor and guests were happy and impressed and was there only one task left… to clean up before having a bite afterwards. It was a beautifull day out on the water and the boat is a beauty. The Bolidt deck has also surprised me, it not only looks great, it also gives lot’s and lot’s of grip when dry or wet. More photos of the Boldit/No Limits can be found here.

Just two days left till the start of the NSR, looking forward to that and I’ll try to keep everyone updated.