busy times ahead indeed…

The past weekend was filled with sailing (again) and it looks as if we get the boat more and more sorted out. Great weather, sunny and some nice breeze, and on Sunday a sparring partner.

No real fuck-ups, just sometimes missing the ability to change gears everywhere on the boat. I have been to the top of the mast more times than I could count, also when sailing. That is quite the experience, especially when heeled. I really felt weak after the past two weeks (when I felt quite ill…) and had difficulties pulling myself up to the top of the mast.

Still need to get a bigger mouth as the boss of everything in front of the mast, got a heap of responsibilities but need to let everyone of the crew participate in getting stuff done and prepared.

On too the busy times… Still one weekend left of practising, Friday I have the big reunion of my house and I already have exams coming so today I start studying (specifically) for the exams.

Anyway, I look forward to the coming month: First perform at the exams then on too France and have a great first regatta with the team.