The first race of the new year of the IJspegel races. These races are supposed to be about frostbiting, but today was more about a very nice day in the spring.

Temperatures were around 10 degrees (centigrade that is), the sun was out and the only thing missing was enough breeze for a serious race.

After some waiting the breeze showed up and about two hours later than normal the first start took place. The current pushed everyone over the line and a general recall followed. The second start was reasonable and the decision was made for one long starboard tack to be followed with a short port tack to the weather mark. Others opting to stay more out to sea (an early port tack in the first windward leg) seemed to have taken the right decision. Practicing spinnaker sets and gybes before the start paid off, as did the decision to stay close to shore on the starboard gibe after the weather mark. We rounded the bottom mark in sixth or seventh place and probably one of the best results up till know. A lot of boats had difficulties sailing past the bottom mark and whilst we set course for the final upwind leg the wind started to disappear. A big part of the fleet was pilled up trying to sail against the current and the RC decided to call it off.

Not the best message when sailing the best race of the winter season but shortly after the announcement our wind was gone as well. With no wind, we started the motor and got on the way to the harbour. The weather was awesome and the boat completely tidied up when we docked and brought out the ‘apres-sail’ drinks.

All in all a nice day out on the water. Tomorrow the new semester starts and normal life should resume. It’s going to be early days again.