My diary of Boot Düsseldorf (all times are GMT+1)

Tuesday 23 January 2007:

2.30: Finally asleep
4.30: Alarm clock goes off…
4.35: Step under the shower
4.37: Hey, the other shower goes on as well… Ah, a roommate has a shower just before he’s off to bed…
4.50: Time for breakfast, hardly any bread left…
5.00: Get my bike and paddle to the train station
5.15: Bike is put away and I can make my way to the platform… Why has the first night with frost have to be today?!
5.18: Train is on time! Get in..
5.33: Rotterdam Central Station, 15 minutes to change trains
5.40: It’s dark and cold but I found a spot and start settling, two hours to Venlo
5.48: And we’re off. Two hours by train through a very black Holland. Some reading, listening to ‘Jameroquai’, ‘Faithless’ and ‘Groove Armada’.
7.51: A slight delay, but there is still some time left as I arrive in Venlo. Time for coffee.
8.06: There is actually a bit of sun as the train starts on the tour to Düsseldorf Haubtbahnhoff. It’s actually quite busy with people going to work or school.
9.15: Another slight delay but I am in Düsseldorf. I’ve got a bit of time left and walk out of the station to have a look around. It really looks like any German city (to my opinion) with a lot of boring building that show the rebuild of a city after WW II, where fast was more important than beautiful.
9.35: It’s still cold, but the U-bahn is coming. It’s cramped with the latest congestion and people going to Boot.
9.55: After a uneventful trip I am walking up the stairs of the Messe.
10.00: The doors open and the people start going in. Here I lost track of time…
Do I go in a structured way or look at some things first… I already knew what I wanted to do first, off to Dehler. The 44 is coming along nicely but one of the first boats gets a new keel… It’s nothing and the production is going well. With the European Boat of the Year award the boat looks to gain momentum for Dehler. It still is a nice yacht but for a young gut like me still has far to much interior to be on my wish list…
13.00: What a lot of stuff, and due to the size it isn’t really cramped. But I am starting to think of lunch. The restaurants are a bit to much so a fast snack it will be. The choice is easy: Sausage (several types) with beer or wine or (and that was my choice) a sandwich with a coke.
15.30: Still impressed with the extents of the show I make my way to the sailing-podium where I was going to meet Large Thomas and check out the Barcelona World Race press conference. All previous talk were in German but this one is (partially) in English. I meet with Large Thomas who is indeed Large. We check out the thing and talk about sailing, the show and SA. But I am starting to notice that nearly 12 hours up after hardly any sleep is starting to take it’s toll.
17.30: After a final stroll around the show (actually just the sailing parts) I get on the U-bahn back to the station. Then I remember that the train to Venlo leaves at 17.48 (or at 18.48) and I am getting a bit frightened that I am going to miss the train. I decide to use the ICE when I miss the train. So no longer any worrying and relaxing the rest of the way back.
17.44: Arrival at the Haubtbahnhoff, get out turn right, turn left, up the stairs, turn left, no turn the other way. Track 4, up the stairs, ‘Delayed’…..
17.55: The train leaves Düsseldorf and my visit is now truly over. Another train-ride with a lot of people, now they are just on their way home.
19.05: A slight delay as the train enters Venlo. I am a bit hungry now and start my search for some dinner. Venlo is not that great when it comes to dinner at the station… Two sandwiches and a ‘Chocomel’ make for a dinner as I settle in the last train for the day, directly to Delft.
19.19: And off we go; music on, same magazine and a bit tired. Again it’s dark outside so very little to see outside (but not much better within the train).
Getting my stuff together as the train slows down into Delft.
21.27: Right on time the train stops in Delft. It is again freezing when I get out and get my bike.
21.45: Home… How has everybody’s day been?
23.15: Really going to bed now…
23.30: Really, really going to bed
23.32: Asleep…