So Key West has finished (I’ll update on that later) the week has ended and another one is lurking around the corner.

Last week:
Doing work for university during the day, following Key West early evening. Nothing to excited, but interesting to say the least. Some lovely yachts performing good and enjoying the conditions.

A visit to my parents and getting my hair cut… Remember to collect the videos and photos of KWRW and comment on that all…

Next Week:
Keep up with university work and visit Boot Düsseldorf! Really looking forward to Tuesday and my visit to the largest boatshow in Europe (World?). I already have made a planning (go there early, return late), made contacts (probably meet Mister Schickler of SYD-E, most certainly meet with “Large Thomas“) and am charging my camera batteries!

I will publish my report asap after the visit.

Enjoy your weekend!