You’d might be wondering why have this title. Well, it’s got to do (still) with th Christmasdinner I’ll be enjoying Saturday with all of the people I live with. The walls are coming along nicely and as one of the cooks, I already know what’s going to be for supper.

Anyway the stress-part of this is (and has been) finding a date. So this is my fourth dinner and only on one occasion I had a date more than a week in advance of the dinner. At the moment… well I can’t say I really have a clue.

Oh, here’s a sneak preview of the invitation the dates are getting:

Blog Image
Remember it’s going to be folded in half…

But it’s not yet the day before, so no need to worry about a thing. Got to think of an outfit as well.

The troubles of preparing for christmas break…Does let the problems anywere in the world seem unsignificant!