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TP52 Worlds – the photos

CQ Blog Posted on Thu, October 21, 2010 09:57

Although the worlds finished nearly two weeks ago, I haven’t had the time to share some of the photos from the various official websites: just too busy catching up with University life I suppose. But here they are:

all photos from:

TP52 World Championship

CQ Blog Posted on Sat, October 02, 2010 10:58

I will be participating in the TP52 World Championship the coming week in Valencia:

More information on the event:

And on the class: 

(earlier this summer in action at Copa del Rey, credits included)


Royal Yachting Association Prize

CQ Blog Posted on Thu, September 30, 2010 10:21

Having returned to University I have been informed that my third year individual projects (bachelor thesis) has been awarded the Royal Yachting Association Prize for the best undergraduate work in the field of sailing and cruising.

Back to Uni

CQ Blog Posted on Tue, September 28, 2010 08:43

After 8 weeks with Schickler Tagliapietra I have returned to Southampton in preparation of my final year. Although lectures haven’t started, there are 8 weeks of experience to be processed as well as moving into the new house and the obvious preparations for the academic year.

Summarising the placement without going into much detail regarding the projects, I must say that the real world is more fun than the lectures that taught the basics. Although I only worked on 2 projects (photos when the work is actually build, drawings have been sent off) discussions were always taking place and input was welcomed. The 8 weeks were practical (pressure to finish drawings in time for the customer to take them along when visiting the yard), challenging (learning a different software package), interesting (coming across problems that get ignored in university) and also good fun.

But now the focus has shifted back to university, this week still is focussing slightly more on finishing all the work that surrounded my paper that published and was presented earlier this summer (conference proceedings can be ordered here or contact me directly).

In addition to the normal schedule of work and university I can confirm I will be attending the 2010 HISWA Symposium as well as the METS, feel free to contact me with questions regarding these events.


Learning about the real life…

CQ Blog Posted on Sat, July 24, 2010 08:31

The moment of truth was there last Monday… I started in Amsterdam at Schickler Tagliapietra Yacht Engineering for a summer of gaining work experience (intern ship, placement). And before you ask, no I haven’t designed the next winning Mini/Class40/GP42/TP52/IMOCA60/VO70/AC-boat/winning super-maxi (yet?).

To paint you a picture, I got told off on the first day for wearing shoes (Brilliant!) and it being summer it was a week of flops (thongs for you Ozzies), shorts and T-shirts. Work (though not according to the ISAF-code as I’m not getting paid, so perhaps better described as ‘activities’) focussed on some smaller issues with projects the office is involved with and definitely has very little to do with “Yacht Design” but on the other hand all has been real engineering of parts for boats and as such has been really interesting (and challenging). The week also included a visit to a Mini to look at some of the issues after many thousands of miles of use and limited budget for maintenance. Again many lessons to be taken away from the visit and not just about the design and practical side of things but also about the interacting and issues of designer-yard-customer.

Before this real life sitting behind a desk I did do a bit of sailing (Regenboog) at my home yacht club. 100 years old and having the 90th annual KaagWeek racing in the biggest class with the biggest boats. Brilliant fun, just a shame we did not replace the part we knew needed replacing… A top 10 finish (in a 51 boat fleet) after having to clean almost an inch of dust of the deck before the first race would have been absolutely brilliant. Next up is the Copa del Rey with “Weapon” racing under IRC, I think we’ll be 15 up for this event but against 5 or so TP/TP-based boats which should also mean that line honours scores will be kept…


Silly weeks

CQ Blog Posted on Sat, July 03, 2010 22:13

Ever since exams finished, life has been a bit crazy:

After visiting the Netherlands I had a few days to prepare for a presentation to RINA and BAe Systems based on my Bachelor Thesis (as well as four other ones). This worked out to be great preparation for presenting at Innov’Sail. Following this there was the stress of moving house, results, a bit of sailing before the real deal at Innov’Sail.

In short:

– All my stuff is in the new house

– Results went well (Thesis was best of the year!)

– Farr40 in Porto Cervo was a great experience (but improvements to be made) [promise I didn’t know the shot was taken]

– First 4 hours in the new house were too short (though good times to catch up with people back in So’ton smiley)

– Innov’Sail was a very interesting conference

– Mr. Andy Claughton gave me a compliment on my presentation (and defended it during questions!)

– Awesome dinner organised by RINA as part of the conference (and the two 3-course lunches were not to bad either) [photo of the Southampton University student group present]

– Been on board the new JP54 (not allowed to take photos), seen the Groupama fleet (VO70, Extreme40, ORMA60 and G-Class including the new shorter rig and bike laminated to the deck instead of a pedestal), numerous ORMA60s, some Multi50s, couple of IMOCA60s, Class40s, Figaros and minis.

– Also had a guided tour of Banque Populaire V (more than 900nm in 24hrs)!

[scared by the speed (potential)]

[the size of the boat…]

– Visited the Tour Voile in Dieppe

– Dropped the car off in Holland safely

all in all pretty damn successful couple of weeks and brilliant fun as well. Time for a few days of catching up on sleep before the 90th KaagWeek and 100 year anniversary of the Royal Yacht Club “The Kaag”.

Before I finish some funny Football related experiences of the past weeks:

– Vasco Vascotto asking at the skippers briefing for a minute of silence after Italy gets knocked out

– Race committee replying by allowing Italian teams to fly a black flag to mourn the loss

– Spending 10 days with a Brazilian guy and the moment he leaves Brazil looses 2-1 to the men in Oranje!

Life is good!


Exams are over…

CQ Blog Posted on Sat, June 05, 2010 22:26

Finished exams, had an interview to discuss a possible placement over the summer in Amsterdam and then had a full day of enjoying the ‘Holland Lakes’ on the water.

Life is not all bad after all…

Next up is a drive back to Southampton (after the weekend), before giving a presentation on my project to SES & BAe and finishing the academic year officially. Then it is time to move house, do the first event of the Farr 40 European Circuit in Porto Cervo before INNOV’SAIL and the big-one…

Plenty to do, however whilst on the water today I witnessed the future of Naval Architecture:

Sorry, not this one at Royal Van Lent but:

(cheap, simple and with ample space for a fully functioning computer, decks, mixing table and working household fridge whilst being able to entertain a large group of ‘people’)


Busy few weeks

CQ Blog Posted on Sat, May 01, 2010 14:39

Life has been fairly busy since my last update; Individual Project (also known as dissertation, Bachelor project, Bachelor thesis), PalmaVela, more uni-work…

Starting with the most time-consuming activity, the individual project. The final report has been printed, bound and handed-in with ‘only’ a presentation (VIVA), a paper and presentation (INNOV’SAIL) to worry about. The last couple of days were stressful but also oddly relaxing. because of the report requirements and horror stories about printing and binding a tight deadline had been self-imposed which resulted in a finished report well ahead of the deadline. As a result the ‘last-minute’ stress was actually well before the deadline and relaxing with the weight off the shoulders started a little bit ahead of most of my peers.

But with the project handed in, the focus is back with all the other uni-work that is still left: 5 coursework deadlines, 3 exams, a presentation on the individual project as well as continuing the search for a placement/work experience position this summer. And besides that there is the pressure of the paper and presentation at Innov’Sail this summer as well. As my supervisor Dr. Hudson said to me: “Our work isn’t really finished, is it.”

Then there was a bit of sailing since the last update, racing in Palma (PalmaVela) with the TP52 ‘Weapon of Choice’ against three MedCup TPs as the season opener. In brief the reduction in crew weight has lead to a much harder job for everyone on board. My role was backstay-trimmer (twin backstays) which involved a very intensive communication between the mainsail trimmer and myself and plenty of minute changes throughout the day. It did mean I was allowed to be one of three people to race with legs inboard so that adjustments could be made quickly. At mark roundings the role of backstay became secondary and I moved forward to mid-bow for the jib-hoist and spinnaker drop primarily. With guys like Jules Salter and David Lenz on board it was extremely easy to learn a huge amount once more. If there was a downside to the story it must have been the return trip which was distinctly effected by the vulcanic ash and resulted in a 36hr-twin ferry-roadtrip with a loss of laptop and camera. So no photos to show from the racing.

Anyhow, this bank-holiday weekend is filled with the joys of coursework; only 5 more weeks in this academic year so not actually that big a sacrifice. The focus is distinctly on finishing on a high which will mean very limited updates here…

Enjoy life,



CQ Blog Posted on Tue, April 06, 2010 11:53

Less than a week after two-boat testing on the North Sea with a Farr30 (née Mumm30) I travelled down to the south of France to do multiple days of two-boat testing on a Farr40.

Sailing with Team Hooligan on Hooligan VI in the role of tactician, the training had multiple aims. The primary ones were blowing off the cobwebs, sorting out some small jobs and work on the upwind speed and angles. The second boat present was the Swiss team on Vanitas Cube and we shared the use of a coach following both teams on a RIB.

Although I have sailed with many of the crew on board as well as with the boat it was my first time with owner and helmsman Ed Broadway. A special thanks from this point to him for organising the extended weekend.

Sailing wise, I felt the boat was in pretty good condition and during a couple of practice starts and a short beat we beat Vanitas a clear 7-2 to the top mark. Straight line speed has improved significantly and a better understanding of the boat, rig and sails should provide the team with a competitive starting point and the ability to switch between a pointing and speed mode upwind.

Due to other commitments I will only join the team for half of the European circuit this summer but results will be improved over the previous season and I look forward with confidence to mixing with the rest of the fleet in Porto Cervo and Cagliari.

Personally I will be focussing on my bachelor-project and paper before going to Palma next week to race in the first European TP52-class event of the year at the Hublot Palma Vela on Weapon of Choice.


(some shots from on board, yes it is a bigger Mumm30 or smaller Farr45:)


CQ Blog Posted on Sun, March 28, 2010 17:38

so whilst in Cloggieland I got invited to go sailing on probably one of the all-time greatest sailing yacht designs:
– Big enough to be a real boat
– Strong enough to sail 200+nm offshores in the Atlantic
– Small enough to behave like a large dinghy
– Technical enough require a great understanding of what you’re doing

Famously known for some remarkable performances and the fact they are the class for the Tour de Voile (although their final year) it is a very technical, tactical boat that compliments the really good sailor and rewards a well practiced team…

….. and then I joined them for a days’sailing in absolutely brilliant conditions: Sun, flat water, 16-18kts of breeze.

What a pleasure!

Thank you very much mister Farr and the people at Mumm, it is the type of boat that brings a smile to your face and that with a normal spinnaker pole and none of that sprit-stuff. Go the Mumm30, I say!

Anyway, the guys I was out with are the Delft Challenge team and they are in preparation for another TdF with their trusty boat under the guidance of Skipper Bert (Schandevyl, the first Belgian in the 18ft Skiff league and the only Belgian to have won a race in the JJ Giltinan).

(Mumms in Action [perhaps turn of your sound], it’s an old promo-film of the Delft Challenge Team)

Anyway, I think they still could do with a bit of support and they have plenty to offer on top of advertising space so have a look at their website>

Other than that I’ve been keeping busy with trying to get the final report of my bachelor research project finished (first draught is in but needs serious work as you would expect) and figuring out what to pu in the paper. The brochure for INNOV’SAIL keeps getting updated with new events surrounding the conference but the presentation schedule is still the same. More info here.

Heading back to Soton soon, but seen many friends: Life isn’t half bad, not bad at all…


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