After 5 very challenging and interesting months with
Schickler Tagliapietra in Amsterdam, I have been asked to join the engineering
team at Hall Spars & Rigging in Breskens. I would like to take this
opportunity to thank ST Yacht, and in particular Doug Schickler, for giving me
the opportunity to be part of a very progressive team and help design and
engineer some groundbreaking boats. Personally I cannot wait to see these projects
come out into the open and I am sure the boats will make an impact.

At this time however, the opportunities at Hall Spars &
Rigging will allow me to gain additional skills and be part of a larger variety
of sailing craft. My experiences at ST Yacht in naval architecture and yacht
engineering combined with my racing experience will allow me to develop the
products and service at Hall Spars & Rigging with the current team and
offer the customer an even better experience.

Feel free to contact me through the normal ways with
questions about what I can do for you, not just for a new mast but for anything
from rigging and halyard locks to spars and new builds.

For more information: – Yacht
Design and Engineering in Amsterdam and Milan
Everything from Rigging to Masts; for Production, Grand Prix and Super Yacht