So after many years trying it has happened: obtained a university degree. I will now listen to “Master” seeing as it is now ‘L.A. le Clercq, MEng. Hons, AMRINA’.

All kidding aside, after some very tense, busy and at times stressful couple of months having finished and gotten confirmation it is now time to focus on the future. From finishing (apart from collecting the piece of paper itself) straight out of the UK and back in Holland. Race a regatta (Kaagweek, 9th overall in de Regenboog-class even though we finished with a bullet and many thanks to Frans and Michiel Sluyters for the ride) and now get set-up: get back online after a week offline and start looking for permanent employment. Change of pace though, instead of trying to fill the agenda with racing I am much more focussed on getting that interesting, challenging and fun job. Still, being dropped two weeks before the Copa del Rey because the team want to pay someone to come sailing was a bit painful, now looking what to do with Cowes Week and X35 Worlds for which rides are confirmed.

Anyway, it is blowing a force 7 outside (gusting 8bft) and the rain has been continuous and horizontal for many hours. Answer emails and follow up on earlier calls, not much else to do I suppose.

Be back in the UK next week to collect my diploma, just need to keep enjoying life (apart from getting soaked when stepping outside, it really isn’t that hard).

Take care all.