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5 Months to go

CQ Blog Posted on Mon, February 07, 2011 23:03

With the first semester exams finished and second semester just about kicked off, life is pretty strange at university right now. 5 Months of work, 6 months till I’ve got my hands on the degree itself and yet, strangely, life is actually quite relaxed. I mean, it is still possible to keep up-to-date on all sailing news without feeling guilty. Now that I mention sailing, don’t forget to check out Wouter on his current trip round the world in the Barcelona World Race on board Hugo Boss. For me, the upcoming season is looking promising, but at the same time very little is confirmed. I suppose only time will tell in the end!

In the mean time focus is very much on life in Southampton and at university. Two projects and two other modules provide more than enough distraction from life, especially as these will be last parts to the 4 year journey. Did I mention yet I will be a graduated naval architect in 6 months? Anyway, the projects are the most interesting bit at the moment I think. The first one is “the big one”, the GDP (group design project, group based thesis for the MEng-degree). Progress seems to be okay as well as the cooperation, the end-result will tell if all has gone well during the final stint (I’m confident it will). The second project is pretty awesome when considering where I am, designing a sailing yacht (hull, appendages, structures, rig, sail plan) in cooperation with and help from the Wolfson Unit. Anyway, there is still plenty left to do before that piece of paper is mine, guess that means I’ll have to keep you all up-to-date for a bit longer.

Finally a quick shout to all those new parents, to many to name but it has been very impressive to hear about all the new-born babies in the past 2 months or so. Many, many congratulations to you all (again).

Life’s pretty good…



Website Posted on Mon, February 07, 2011 22:33

A new year, exams finished and a moment to spare has resulted in an update of the website style sheet as well as a check of the content available. Some old folders have been deleted from the server and some older work is now no longer available.

Hope you like it,