After 8 weeks with Schickler Tagliapietra I have returned to Southampton in preparation of my final year. Although lectures haven’t started, there are 8 weeks of experience to be processed as well as moving into the new house and the obvious preparations for the academic year.

Summarising the placement without going into much detail regarding the projects, I must say that the real world is more fun than the lectures that taught the basics. Although I only worked on 2 projects (photos when the work is actually build, drawings have been sent off) discussions were always taking place and input was welcomed. The 8 weeks were practical (pressure to finish drawings in time for the customer to take them along when visiting the yard), challenging (learning a different software package), interesting (coming across problems that get ignored in university) and also good fun.

But now the focus has shifted back to university, this week still is focussing slightly more on finishing all the work that surrounded my paper that published and was presented earlier this summer (conference proceedings can be ordered here or contact me directly).

In addition to the normal schedule of work and university I can confirm I will be attending the 2010 HISWA Symposium as well as the METS, feel free to contact me with questions regarding these events.