…till deadline-day of this term. In other words there is only a limited amount of time left to finish an essay, finish a design, finish the sales pitch to go with said design and finish the first draught of the final report for my bachelor project whilst keeping up with all lecture stuff. Challenging? Yes but then again this work-rate has been part of the course since day one so no surprises (or complaints) and there is also plenty of fun stuff to look forward to, most notably the ‘Maritime Society Ball’ in 10 or so days with the great mix of various years of shippies mixed with PhDs and staff but also an afternoon of seatrials. Apart from that it is a case of “getting on with it”.

The project is coming along quite nicely actually but the pressure has been upped with an invitation by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects to publish and present a paper on the subject this summer. Luckily the deadline for that paper is slightly further away and my reports will be well and truly finished by that time.

Anyway I want to be able to enjoy the good bits over the coming two weeks so back to work. Take care all,