Well, that’s the exams done, first meeting for 3rd year project out of the way and as a result very low stress levels and/or tension going on. But you might have guessed it this has come with the end of the summer and the weather has been getting steadily worse since there has been time to enjoy it all.

What’s up now? Well did a bit of RIB-driving for Radical Marine (got looked after very well again) and been thinking about the manner in which to fill in my project. Still failed to find a placement within the industry (~20 letters have been send out) but I suppose that is a sign I should focus on enjoying the summer and possibly go abroad on a non-sailing related trip for some relaxing.

Going up to the South-West (scary) for a wedding instead of the IRC-Nationals (some lovely boats again out there). Next week I’ll do some lovely time spend in the library before heading out to Weymouth (Olympic sailing venue 2012) for the Farr45 Nationals. Should be a good laugh. Then from 20-24 June a few days in the flatlands and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Life ain’t bad,

ps. got a new phonenumber (wee-bit of a screw up in paperwork between phone companies), if you haven’t received the new number please drop me an email (contact ->) and I’ll update you as well.