Well it almost felt like it anyway. The past few days here on the South coast have been very pleasant indeed. Earlier in the week I have been helping out getting a Class40 ready for their worlds which will start in a few days time. And with the weather as it was it actually allowed for shorts and t-shirts during the day, quite scary but then again it could be expected with autumn just a few days away.
Helping Fred with the boat gave me the opportunity to learn more about a lot of differents facets of boatbuilding and maintenance. I also got to do more proper repairs and have again learned a lot. To from here another thanks to Fred for having me around.
This weekend was all about getting used to TP52 sailing. With the guys of the Farr45 Atomic I went out for two days sailing on board “Cutting Edge” (2005 design R/P, ‘Patches’). Although it is a sprit-boat the schedule of the two days made it all fairly challenging up front as well. Most credit of pulling of the 3 peels in no time at all has to go to the guy in the sewer, all I had to do was connect it up and maybe shuffle out to the end of the sprit. It was a great weekend and all the thank you’s have been said within the group; It was a great weekend.
What’s up next..? I guess I’ll see tomorrow.
Or the day after…

In the mean time I’d like to wish all the best to the crew of “Cool Runnings” with their attempt of bettering their result of 2nd last year during the X35 Worlds.


And here’s a vid taken of the back of the boat: