Cowes Week 2008 was almost exactly what Cowes Week is these days: a week of sailing (and the racing being secondary).

I got invited by Chris to join Sanguma for the week and we did exactly what the plan was: Have fun both on and off the boat, sail as well as we can and let the courses (and results that go with them) not spoil the week.

The weather wasn’t all that great (especially after two weeks of sun in the Baltic) but it wasn’t too bad either. Everything that went wrong didn’t go wrong for very long or was permanent and watching the fireworks with the Walmsley family from the deck of the Royal Corinthian with some bubbles was a very classy way of finishing the week.

As I was on Sanguma there are no photos from me but Tim Wright has a very nice website that allows you to search per boat:

I’m not sure what to say other than that it has been another fun week of sailing and that life kept smiling at me even though the result-streak from July (1st boat overall Comedy Cup, 2nd in class for Cork and two leg victories and two seconds to win the BSC overall) did seem to have ended August first.

Life’s good!

ps. Talking about the fireworks:
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