Well the first leg of the baltic sprint cup was good fun but I unfortunately had to leave. However a small change in my schedule has me flying out to meet up with Danebury again to do legs 3,4 and 5 (and thus only missing the previous leg).

I really am looking forward to that ’cause the atmosphere on board was really good and I could (and have) learnt a lot from the people on board. They did very well without me though, a second into Lithuania which sees them holding on to the first place overall. The bar is high and there is still half of the race left. As always mor can be found on the website of the regatta:

In the mean time I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping in my own bed for the first time in over a month and this time in my new house. Really really nice. It has also given me the oppurtunity to do some quick washing, which might come in handy with the move straight into Cowes Week after returning from Denmark next week. Looking forward to that as well, just fun sailing with Sanguma!

Anyhow I’ll better get back to getting organised for the coming two weeks. Take care all.