As mentioned below, after the IRC-nationals I went with a couple of friends of the Sanguma crew up the river to look and listen to The Police closing the Isle of Wight Festival.

On invitation by Pete and Kat we left the PV and stopped to pick up some classic English stuffed newspaper for supper (Fish ‘n Chips) which fed us on the way up the river Medina towards Newport. We found a great spot when we got to the festival area when we could moor next to a boat that had been watching the entire weekend and was anchored in such a way it was fully ready for tidal changes. When we arrived quite a large crowd had already formed on the water in addition to the 60,000 people who were actually on the festival terrain. In a very relaxed atmosphere the festival was winding down as the sun went down whilst the tension among the crowd was increasing in anticipation of The Police.

When it had become almost fully dark all attention was focused on the stage and The Police made their entrance. The kicked off whit some great songs and it was great fun watching and hearing it all. However before they had played all of their hits they left the stage and this strange feeling among the crowd was noticeable. Everyone knew they would return for an encore and when they did they upped their level even more. With just Roxanne left they thanked everyone and left the stage again only to return once more and absolutely blow the crowd away with a great live version of the song. I’ve put some photos up, unfortunately my battery ran out and shots of the great fireworks show that marked the end of the festival are missing as are photos of the ride up the river as that was dinner time.

Pete and Kat thanks very much again for the invitation and Fred and Laura thank you for letting me stay another night after getting back to Hamble at one in the morning.