And life itself is the biggest one of them all (in my humble opinion that is).
Even without spectacular sailing or nights of great parties it still is treating me really nicely here in Soton. However it starts itching again… wanting to go sailing again that is but it’ll only start in two weeks time. And having a great time last night with the only Dutch guy I know around here didn’t help. But it was a fun night anyway.

So the focus is on other things (as much as possible). The time of coursework has started again, so it’s back to work. The deadline for the first report on ship design is also looming, but it’s all good. Got two fun weeks ahead of me with Ship Science, next week we’re having another w(h)ine and nibbles event (drinking with academic staff) and one week later the big maritime society dinner with all of ship science in a black tie event. After that it’s four weeks of vacation before the last 10 or so weeks of the year.

The title however refers to this website from a charity, that I found through a friend. As a way of thanking people or any other reason you can think of to celebrate something for people who have a lot (or just no room for more) it is absolutely marvellous. You can buy them animals or other stuff based on the old saying that it is better to teach a man to fish then to give him a fish.

However I’m not quite sure if I’ll use it for Mother’s day this Sunday…

Enjoy Life!

oh and the link: