I’m not too sure what I think of the fact that racing has been cancelled for today. First of all both the team and the boat I raced most of the series on (Sanguma) was good fun and I learned every second I sailed on the boat and with the team.
But with the predictions as they are (over 30 knots of wind, with gusts of nearly 50 knots) and the current conditions out in the Solent (BrambleMet) looking to be almost exactly as predicted the choice of the Race Committee is probably the correct one for an inshore race. And it wouldn’t have been much fun on Sanguma, as she is a fairly small boat except for the downhill rides… The lovely design by Jason Ker and the quality of the crew has resulted in an early surfing boat and thus nice downwind speeds.

That however leaves plenty of time for other stuff that has to be gotten out of the way before Christmas. So with the wind howling around the house and me waking up slightly later than normal on a Sunday (woke up around 8 instead of 6.30) should make for a productive day of studying.

Before I start however, I thought I’d give a look in what’s coming up this week. Lecture-wise it’s the same old story, a lot. Then there is of course Sinterklaas on Wednesday. The plans for celebrating it don’t seem to have materialised, but that is replaced by a nice present by the RNLI: an insight into the design of an IACC for the 32nd America’s Cup by Andy Claughton! This Ship Science alumni is one of the biggest names in AC-design, so it should be interesting.

Don’t think there’s much more to say right now. Time for breakfast and then back to work!