Well, that’s that! I haven’t died after the thermodynamics overdose, passed two maths-tests this week and finished my assembly drawing of a vice this afternoon. That leaves a not too hard schedule for the rest of the weekend. First a list of what I have to do for Uni (just to give you an idea):
– Mathematics (2 modules)
– Ship Studies (assignment)
– Properties of Materials (assignment and a quiz)
– Graphical Communications and Marine Transport (essay, 3000 words)

But it can’t be work all the time, obviously! So Sunday is again reserved for sailing. It is looking to be one of the first proper “winter” races with temperatures feeling to be approaching zero… Any way that can’t stop me from looking forward to it since I’ll be sailing with Sanguma again.

Ok, I think I’ll be doing the “right” thing this afternoon and get started on my work.