A special day today: predicted 15-ish knots of breeze, real world between 25 and 35. And for those conditions to be on a new boat… About the boat: A Ker 31 (I suppose it’s a bit like a Mumm30), so 31 feet, carbon stick, fun sails, symmetrick spi and very very wet. The team consisted of a couple of good sailors and some had sailed on Dutch boats (Formidable and Charisma). The conditions were challenging, except for the breeze the Solent was a mix of chop and actual waves combined with rain all day long. Even though we broke a block at the bottom of the mast and had to lower the jib several times before we could continue racing I had a great time and look forward to race with them again.

Anyway, the coming week is all been covered as has the rest of this weekend. So that’s it.