didn’t have the time to update when in Britain, but here goes:

First race (Vuurschepen) was in medium to light conditions and we finished 7th overall. Tough race, because of the lighter conditions and being the first offshore for me (and the team)

Layday was interesting and it was a pleasure to be a guest of the Royel Harwich Yacht Club (with the free G&T’s and pints).

The RORC-North Sea Race was a blast: force 6 building to 8 (from 20-35 knots of wind), and the speeds were awesome (an average of 9.5 knots for the race, a top speed of 19.6). We sailed well, were the first of the normal boats to enter Scheveningen and depending on which result one uses we finished 2nd (IRC class 0 – RORC) or 6th (IRC overall – RORC). The latter being the result of the favourable conditions for the big beasts, such as the VO70 Mean Machine XX and the Lutra 56 ‘Formidable 3’ (but also the TU Delft-Mumm and the W-60 pleomax)

Next weekend is all about the inshores. More will follow including hopefully some pics)


(more info and results&official photos can be found at the http://www.nsr.nl website)

Video report of the start: http://www.westonline.nl/mms_video/2007/1605nws_northsea%20regatta.wmv

Audio report of the start of the Vuurschepen Race: http://www.westonline.nl/mms_audio/2007/1505-Start%20North%20sea%20regatta.mp3