And what a weekend it’ll be!

Tonight we start a tour with (almost) all my roommates, visiting (almost) all the parents this weekend. Still some stuff to get organised for this, but it seems to be coming together nicely.

In the mean time I have almost finished my part of the assignment of a course on the university, so I have everything in order for next week!

Talking about next week… It’s offshore time! Man, do I look forward to that. I’ve been wetsanding the bottom of the boat yesterday till it was very dark. Today some pro’s will work on the keel area and the BN Manne is working his ass off to get everything done in time. Today Renate and Tiemen are helping him, so I look forward to seeing the boat in Scheveningen on Monday.

Here’s a pic of the team in France, for the NSR Joppe, Jan Derk and Robert won’t be on board:

Blog Image

Time to move on, have a good weekend!