So the second week on January and my muscles are sore as hell. My squash opponent (to whom I lost many games last summer) is in the Netherlands for a week and we decided to play some games this week. The first one was last Monday (8th of January). And Wednesday will see the rematch.

I can’t say I expected much of myself, but I certainly wasn’t going to give up easy. It showed and whilst I barely could breathe at the end I did win. Yeah!

So what’s next…

Well today will be the rematch. Tonight will be focused on saying goodbye to Lou. She’ll be going to South Africa for 6 months on an exchange program. Thursday will hopefully result in a car that is allowed on the road for another year. Someone decided to change the sensors that are broken on my car, so it’s up to duck-tape and lubricant. I’ll be keeping up with my study and still will have to wait two weeks before the first sailing of the new year.

That’s about it for now.