Sunday evening, and some time to think about all that’s happened over the past few days. So the one week break from studying came nearer and nearer and it all started on Friday with a special evening at the fraternity. Whilst everyone was having pizza at home afterwards, we were missing one of my housemates. We learned during dinner (if you can still call it that at midnight…) that he had fallen victim to “zinloos geweld” (or in English, he got the shit kicked out of him for no particular reason). So the happy mood disappeared and two of my housemates went to the hospital to visit him.

Saturday came and dinner came closer and closer. I started on the starters (for 30 instead of 32 people) at around 9 in the morning and I didn’t have enjoyed much sleep in the week leading up to the event…But 4 o’clock came and the different dates had either appeared or were being picked up at the train station. For me that was the deal, so I walked in my outfit (Count von Count) being purple and all through the huge crowds last-minute shopping for Christmas. The amount of smiles and positive feedback was a nice start to the dinner. Anyway, my date and I walked from the station to the skating rink in the centre of Delft where we met up with the rest of the dates and had quite a bit of fun on the ice. And with a Glühwein we went back to my (our) home for the start of the dinner.

Being responsible for both starters and the soup, the tension was mostly in the relatively speaking early hours of the evening. Just to bring you up to date we started with a lovely (even if I say it myself) Tarte-Tatin with sweetened red onions, with some rocket salad and a Glacé from Balsamic vinegar. Next to that were a pair of red-pepper fried shrimps with a citron syllabub. The soup was a simple chicken stock to keep things light with a coconut crispy thing. Even the day after got me compliments for the taste of things, though personally (and with hindsight) I’d have prepared the starter differently and searched for more contrasting flavours. After these courses it was time to sit back and enjoy the main course: Lobster and Beef. IT WAS AWESOME! (and I probably made a big fool out of myself trying to get the most lobster possible). And after that the party just got better and better.

Well I suppose I should put some time and effort for you to describe my date. I’ve been looking for a girl (looking really great, being really nice and single) and didn’t succeed. So there I was, Thursday afternoon and no date. Thus the focus shifted to a score of two out of three. So I called someone who had accompanied me before and set me up with a friend of hears a half year or so ago and… she was the first one who could actually made it. Just some simple rules to obey from my side and I think the most important one was for us both to have a good time. I think I succeeded.

This morning was kinda tough since my date had to leave quite early. But this also gave me a head-start with cleaning the mess that is the result of a great night. And then during the afternoon everybody started to gather their stuff and go back o their parents for the holidays. I’m there now as well.

That’s all for now.


ps. My date failed to meet one criteria, that explains all.

pps. photo’s will follow, haven’t got my HD hooked up here yet.