So another week has gone by. Mostly busy with studying, but of course helped out getting the GR in shape (remember, I wrote about that earlier: GR = living room).

Thursday I had a drink at the DSSP (the fraternity I’m with), then I went to the party one of the guys I share my home with had organised. It was the youngest one in house, so naturally all who could had tried to make it. Anyhow it was great fun with most of the housemates, my club and lot’s of other friends.

Today (Friday) we had a get together at the row club were one of my housemates is in the board and after that we crashed in front of the TV and had pizza. Even though I’m a student it’s actually quite rare for me (and for my house in general) not to actually cook.

So what’s actually coming up this weekend and in the week leading to Christmas?
Saturday I’m celebrating the 23rd birthday of one of my long-time and best friends Sander. I’m combining that with a visit to my parents. Sunday I’ll probably be working on the counter of our bar, it still needs to get varnished now the apple is applied. Next week starts with the wrap-up of the interview assignment and I guess I’d be busy prepping for the dinner of Saturday. Christmas-break starts on Friday with the “VP-rede” and after the dinner on Saturday I’ll be off to celebrate the holidays at my parents.