So, after re-editing all the blog stuff, I lost most of the news. Anyways that’s in the past and let’s get going…

Last week was nice, started work on the new decorations for the Christmas dinner at my house the theme this year is “Sesamestreet on exploration” and the “hoofdaannemer” (“head of construction”) has everything going nicely. It’s a great task (did it two years ago), but takes a lot of time out of your usual schedule.

My project is the bar (yes I’ve got a real one in my house including a drafting installation) and there has been decided to give it a nice apple-colour. So that took some time prepping the counter and getting some layers on it. I’ve used all the paint and it’s hardening right now. Some clear coat on top of it and I’m finished.

To give you an idea of what it’s going to look like, this is one of the pictures we’re putting on the walls. Blog Image

Becides the preparations for the dinner (I’m one of the chefs, so I need to start worrying about what to serve about now) I had a small job. Needed to drive for the company my dad works for. So Wednesday I took off and drove from Utrecht to Strassbourg (France). Luckily I could join in several parts of the work there: Dinner. I know some people object to Foie Gras, but it is just great once every so often. Two days of nice dinner in France and listening to people who have experience in the business my education is all about.

On the way back on Friday I got to test both the car and the power of Vodafone’s data connect card: I now know it can stay connected on the German Autobahn at close to 200 km/h!

That’s all about last week. This weekend more work on the GR (=Gezamelijke Ruimte which is the living room) and another day of racing out of Scheveningen a nice 12-18 knots is predicted for Sunday.